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Section 5611.602: General.


    (1) USSOCOM is a Delegated Agency in accordance with Schedule I of the Defense Production Allocation System, Department of Commerce Regulation 15 CFR 700. This delegation gives USSOCOM the authority to place Defense Priorities and Allocations System (DPAS) rated orders in support of authorized programs.
    (2) The USSOCOM DPAS Officer is located at SORDAC-KM. The DPAS Officer serves as the focal point for all DPAS matters.
    (3) Unless otherwise specified, the Primary DPAS Officer for each office in the Chief of the Contracting Office with the Deputy Chief of the Contracting Office as the Alternate DPAS Officer.

HQ, United States Special Operations Command
Special Operations Research, Development and Acquisition Center (SORDAC-K)

February 2007

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