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Section 5611.274-90: Unique Item Identification (UID)/Unique Item Identifier (UII) and Military Equipment Evaluation (MEV).

It is USSOCOM policy that UIDs or DOD recognized UID equivalents, shall be incorporated in solicitations and contracts in accordance with DFARS 211.274-1 and 211.274-2. DFARS clause 252.211-7003 shall be incorporated into any solicitation and contract for procurement of tangible assets as directed by the Program Manager in the procurement request package.
In accordance with DFARS 211.274-3, contractors shall be required to identify the Government’s unit acquisition cost for all items delivered, even if none of the criteria for placing a unique item identification mark applies. DFARS 252.211-7003(a) defines unit acquisition cost.
Follow procedures found in the DCG for UID/UII and MEV.

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