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Section 252.247-7024: Notification of Transportation of Supplies by Sea.

As prescribed in 247.574(c), use the following clause:


    (a) The Contractor has indicated by the response to the solicitation provision, Representation of Extent of Transportation by Sea, that it did not anticipate transporting by sea any supplies. If, however, after the award of this contract, the Contractor learns that supplies, as defined in the Transportation of Supplies by Sea clause of this contract, will be transported by sea, the Contractor-

      (1) Shall notify the Contracting Officer of that fact; and

      (2) Hereby agrees to comply with all the terms and conditions of the Transportation of Supplies by Sea clause of this contract.

    (b) The Contractor shall include this clause, including this paragraph (b), revised as necessary to reflect the relationship of the contracting parties-

      (1) In all subcontracts under this contract, if this contract is a construction contract; or

      (2) If this contract is not a construction contract, in all subcontracts under this contract that are for-

        (i) Noncommercial items; or

        (ii) Commercial items that-

          (A) The Contractor is reselling or distributing to the Government without adding value (generally, the Contractor does not add value to items that it subcontracts for f.o.b. destination shipment);

          (B) Are shipped in direct support of U.S. military contingency operations, exercises, or forces deployed in humanitarian or peacekeeping operations; or

          (C) Are commissary or exchange cargoes transported outside of the Defense Transportation System in accordance with 10 U.S.C. 2643.

(End of clause)

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