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Section 252.247-7017: Erroneous Shipments.

As prescribed in 247.271-3(l), use the following clause:


    (a) The Contractor shall-

      (1) Forward to the rightful owner, articles of personal property inadvertently packed with goods of other than the rightful owner.

      (2) Ensure that all shipments are stenciled correctly. When a shipment is sent to an incorrect address due to incorrect stenciling by the Contractor, the Contractor shall forward it to its rightful owner.

      (3) Deliver to the designated air or surface terminal all pieces of a shipment, in one lot, at the same time. The Contractor shall forward to the owner any pieces of one lot not included in delivery, and remaining at its facility after departure of the original shipment.

    (b) Forwarding under paragraph (a) shall be-

      (1) With the least possible delay;

      (2) By a mode of transportation selected by the Contracting Officer; and

      (3) At the Contractor's expense.

(End of clause)

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