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Section 252.246-7000: Material Inspection and Receiving Report.

As prescribed in 246.370, use the following clause:


    (a) At the time of each delivery of supplies or services under this contract, the Contractor shall prepare and furnish to the Government a material inspection and receiving report in the manner and to the extent required by Appendix F, Material Inspection and Receiving Report, of the Defense FAR Supplement.

    (b) Contractor submission of the material inspection and receiving information required by Appendix F of the Defense FAR Supplement by using the Wide Area WorkFlow (WAWF) electronic form (see paragraph (b) of the clause at 252.232-7003) fulfills the requirement for a material inspection and receiving report (DD Form 250). Two copies of the receiving report (paper copies of either the DD Form 250 or the WAWF report) shall be distributed with the shipment, in accordance with Appendix F, Part 4, F-401, Table 1, of the Defense FAR Supplement.

(End of clause)

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