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Section 252.239-7008: Reuse Arrangements.

As prescribed in 239.7411(a), use the following clause:


    (a) When feasible, the Contractor shall reuse cancelled or terminated facilities or equipment to minimize the charges to the Government.

    (b) If at any time the Government requires that telecommunications facilities or equipment be relocated within the Contractor's service area, the Government shall have the option of paying the costs of relocating the facilities or equipment in lieu of paying any termination or cancellation charge under the Cancellation or Termination of OrdersCommon Carriers clause of this agreement/contract. The Basic Termination Liability applicable to the facilities or equipment in their former location shall continue to apply to the facilities and equipment in their new location. Monthly rental charges shall continue to be paid during the period.

    (c) When there is another requirement or foreseeable reuse in place of cancelled or terminated facilities or equipment, no charge shall apply and the Basic Cancellation or Termination Liability shall be appropriately reduced. When feasible, the Contractor shall promptly reuse discontinued channels or facilities, including equipment for which the Government is obligated to pay a minimum service charge.

(End of clause)

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