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Section 252.232-7002: Progress Payments for Foreign Military Sales Acquisitions.

As prescribed in 232.502-4-70(a), use the following clause:


(DEC 1991)

If this contract includes foreign military sales (FMS) requirements, the Contractor shall-

    (a) Submit a separate progress payment request for each progress payment rate; and

    (b) Submit a supporting schedule showing-

      (1) The amount of each request distributed to each country's requirements; and

      (2) Total price per contract line item applicable to each separate progress payment rate.

    (c) Identify in each progress payment request the contract requirements to which it applies (i.e., FMS or U.S.);

    (d) Calculate each request on the basis of the prices, costs (including costs to complete), subcontractor progress payments, and progress payment liquidations of the contract requirements to which it applies; and

    (e) Distribute costs among contract line items and countries in a manner acceptable to the Administrative Contracting Officer.

(End of clause)

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