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Section 252.229-7001: Tax Relief.

As prescribed in 229.402-70(a), use the following clause:


    (a) Prices set forth in this contract are exclusive of all taxes and duties from which the United States Government is exempt by virtue of tax agreements between the United States Government and the Contractor’s government. The following taxes or duties have been excluded from the contract price:

NAME OF TAX: (Offeror insert)

RATE (PERCENTAGE): (Offeror insert)

    (b) The Contractor’s invoice shall list separately the gross price, amount of tax deducted, and net price charged.

    (c) When items manufactured to United States Government specifications are being acquired, the Contractor shall identify the materials or components intended to be imported in order to ensure that relief from import duties is obtained. If the Contractor intends to use imported products from inventories on hand, the price of which includes a factor for import duties, the Contractor shall ensure the United States Government’s exemption from these taxes. The Contractor may obtain a refund of the import duties from its government or request the duty-free import of an amount of supplies or components corresponding to that used from inventory for this contract.

(End of clause)


As prescribed in 229.402-70(a), add the following paragraph (d) to the basic clause:

    (d) Tax relief will be claimed in Germany pursuant to the provisions of the Agreement Between the United States of America and Germany Concerning Tax Relief to be Accorded by Germany to United States Expenditures in the Interest of Common Defense. The Contractor shall use Abwicklungsschein fuer abgabenbeguenstigte Lieferungen/Leistungen nach dem Offshore Steuerabkommen (Performance Certificate for Tax-Free Deliveries/Performance according to the Offshore Tax Relief Agreement) or other documentary evidence acceptable to the German tax authorities. All purchases made and paid for on a tax-free basis during a 30-day period may be accumulated, totaled, and reported as tax-free.

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