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Section 252.225-7006: Quarterly Reporting of Actual Contract Performance Outside the United States.

As prescribed in 225.7204(c), use the following clause:



        (a) Definition. “United States,” as used in this clause, means the 50 States, the District of Columbia, and outlying areas.

        (b) Reporting requirement. Except as provided in paragraph (c) of this clause, within 10 days after the end of each quarter of the Government’s fiscal year, the Contractor shall report any subcontract, purchase, or intracompany transfer that-

            (1) Will be or has been performed outside the United States;

            (2) Exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold in Part 2 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation; and

            (3) Has not been identified in a report for a previous quarter.

        (c) Exception. Reporting under this clause is not required if-

            (1) A foreign place of performance is the principal place of performance of the contract; and

            (2) The Contractor specified the foreign place of performance in its offer.

        (d) Submission of reports. The Contractor shall submit the reports required by this clause to: Deputy Director of Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy (Contract Policy and International Contracting), OUSD(AT&L)DPAP(CPIC), Washington, DC 20301-3060.

        (e) Report format. The Contractor-

            (1) Shall submit reports using-

                (i) DD Form 2139, Report of Contract Performance Outside the United States; or

                (ii) A computer-generated report that contains all information required by DD Form 2139; and

        (2) May obtain copies of DD Form 2139 from the Contracting Officer or via the Internet at

        (f) Subcontracts. The Contractor-

            (1) Shall include the substance of this clause in all first-tier subcontracts

exceeding $550,000, except those for commercial items, construction, ores, natural

gases, utilities, petroleum products and crudes, timber (logs), or subsistence;

            (2) Shall provide the number of this contract to its subcontractors required to submit reports under this clause; and

            (3) Shall require the subcontractor, with respect to performance of its subcontract, to comply with the requirements directed to the Contractor in paragraphs (b) through (e) of this clause.

(End of clause)

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