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Section 252.204-7005: Oral Attestation of Security Responsibilities.

As prescribed in 204.404-70(c), use the following clause:


      (a) Contractor employees cleared for access to Top Secret (TS), Special Access Program (SAP), or Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) shall attest orally that they will conform to the conditions and responsibilities imposed by law or regulation on those granted access. Reading aloud the first paragraph of Standard Form 312, Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement, in the presence of a person designated by the Contractor for this purpose, and a witness, will satisfy this requirement. Contractor employees currently cleared for access to TS, SAP, or SCI may attest orally to their security responsibilities when being briefed into a new program or during their annual refresher briefing. There is no requirement to retain a separate record of the oral attestation.

      (b) If an employee refuses to attest orally to security responsibilities, the Contractor shall deny the employee access to classified information and shall submit a report to the Contractor’s security activity.

(End of clause)

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