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ITAR: International Traffic in Arms Regulations

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations, referred to as ITAR, is part of title 22 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Title 22 deals with foreign relations, and the ITAR implements the Arms Export Control Act, which controls the export of defense articles and services. These regulations are relevant to the distribution of goods pertaining to defense and the military, as well as certain types of technology and information.

What are the ITARs?

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations are maintained by the State Department and control exports of defense- and intelligence-related goods and services. They specify the registration and paperwork that is in some cases necessary to do business with the government and/or a prime contractor.

The ITARs are included here because they are crucial to understanding certain bid requests solicitations. Prime contractors and subcontractors have found themselves in dispute at times over violations of these regulations. There are civil and criminal penalties for violating these regulations, especially if sensitive information is leaked to unwelcome eyes and ears.

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