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Standardization Area List

This page contains a list of all Standardization Area (SA) codes.

Standardization Areas

  • ADMN: Administrative Data
  • ATTS: Automatic Test Technology Standards
  • AVCS: Avionics
  • CMPS: Composites Technology
  • DCPS: Data Communications Protocol Standards
  • DRPR: Drawing Practices
  • EDRS: Dod Engineering Data Reproduction Systems
  • EGDS: Engineering Data Systems
  • EMCS: Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • ENVR: Environmental Requirements And Related Test Methods
  • FACR: Facilities Engineering & Design Requirements
  • FNCL: Financial Data
  • FORG: Forgings
  • GINT: Geospatial Intelligence Technology
  • HFAC: Human Factors
  • INST: Information Processing Standards And Technology
  • IPSC: Information Processing Standards For Computers
  • ISDA: International Standardization Documents - Army
  • ISDD: International Standardization Documents - OSD/DOD
  • ISDF: International Standardization Documents - Air Force
  • ISDN: International Standardization Documents - Navy
  • MCCR: Mission Critical Computer Resources
  • MECA: Metal Castings
  • MFFP: Metal Finishes And Finishing Processes And Procedures
  • MGMT: Management
  • MISC: Miscellaneous
  • MSSM: Modeling & Simulation Standards & Methodologies
  • NDTI: Nondestructive Testing & Inspection
  • NUOR: Nuclear Ordnance
  • PACK: Packing, Packaging, Preservation And Transportability
  • QCIC: Quality Control/assurance & Inspection
  • REPS: Radio-Frequency Exposure To Personnel Safety Stdzn
  • SAFT: System Safety
  • SESS: Systems Engineering Standards And Specifications
  • SOLD: Soldering
  • STDZ: Standardization
  • TCSP: Technical Support
  • TCSS: Telecommunications Systems Standards
  • TELE: Federal Telecommunications Standards
  • THDS: Screw Threads
  • THJM: Thermal Joining Of Metals (Except Soldering)
  • TMSS: Technical Manual Specs & Standards

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