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EPA Info
The EPA's SBIR/STTR hub is located here. The main page usually lists Phase I and Phase II Solicitations in several formats, including PDF. Be sure to look at the EPA SBIR Factsheet linked on the main page and also directly here.
Link EPA: SBIR/STTR: Workshops
Workshops and events for the EPA's SBIR/STTR program.
Link The EPA's SBIR/STTR program newsroom, which lists everything from success stories to outreach information.
Link EPA: Partnerships for the Private Sector
Partnerships for the private sector with the EPA.
Link EPA: Grants and Fellowship Information
Grants and Fellowship Information. This page gives information on the various types of grant programs the EPA manages, and gives further information on eligibility and how to apply for them.
Link EPA: Grants and Funding
Grants and funding at the EPA.
Link EPA: Additional Grants and Fellowship Information
This page gives additional grant and fellowship information. Various types of grants are covered; you can find information on how to apply here.
Link EPA: Grant Regional Offices
The EPA's various regional offices for grant programs.
Link EPA: How to Apply for Grants
General information on how to apply for grants and fellowships. There is an online form where you can request more information from the EPA.
Link EPA: "Science Inventory" Database
The EPA has created what it calls the "Science Inventory," a database of activities and products that are created or managed by the EPA directly or through grant funds. Science activities/products may include papers available via emailing the EPA for more information, PDFs available for download, information about current EPA R&D initiatives, analyses and newsletters.
Link EPA: Science Inventory: Basic Information
This page describes the basic functions of the EPA Science Inventory.
EPA Region-specific grant information
Link EPA Region 1-specific grants.
Link EPA: Region 2: Grants
EPA Region 2-specific grants.
Link EPA: Region 3: Mid-Atlantic Region Grants and Funding
EPA Region 3-specific grants.
Link EPA: Region 4: Grants
EPA Region 4-specific grants.
Link EPA Region 5-specific grants.
Link EPA: Region 6: Grants & Contracts
EPA Region 6-specific grants.
Link EPA: Region 7: Grants
EPA Region 7-specific grants.
Link EPA: Region 8: Grants
EPA Region 8-specific grants.
Link EPA: Region 9: Grants
EPA Region 9-specific grants.
Link EPA: Region 10: Grants
EPA Region 10-specific grants.
Other EPA centers
Link EPA: National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory: Partnership
Partnerships at the EPA's National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory.

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