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Link Defense Acquisition University A-76 Competitive Sourcing
The Defense Acquisition University describes the A-76 Competitive Sourcing process here.
Link FAIRNET: DOD's FAIR Act reporting
Fairnet is the Department of Defense's FAIR Act reporting, which is in conjunction with the provisions of the Office of Management and Budget (OMG) A-76 Circular. It reports commercial activities and inherently governmental activities and its reports may be useful in determining DoD needs or opportunities for competition.
Link Repository of Competitive Sourcing and CSM Information
The Share A-76/Commercial Services Management website is a general repository of documents on A-76 matters. While you can search for any agency's documents, this link is specifically for the DoD's A-76 documents. Note that all agencies within the DoD are covered, so you may want to look at FARSmarterBids' Competitive Sourcing information for departments such as the Army, Navy, Air Force, etc., separately.

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